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Sellassie WWW Gateway Page @ GeoAlaska

I guess, it takes a residency in Alaska to develop that many African sites. We have many, because Esther, my wife is from Addis Ababa.

We started GeoAlaska at the same time we opened the Haile Sellassie Family Web, but the Sellassie WWW attracted that many visitors that very soon it became more of an organizational place than a personal homepage. Now it exists as a part of the House of Sellassie network. Of course, our affiliations are outside of Alaska (the only other Ethiopian discovered so far lives in Anchorage).

"Nordic Africans"... it's us.

Travel to Africa, explore our big sites and come back!

That is what we do. We went to Russia for two years (see Russian Page: Exile), we lived in Addis Ababa, New York... and came back to Fairbanks.

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The purpose of this page is to introduce Sellassie WWW Network -- and first Sellassie Cyber Museum

NEW: Sellassie BUSINESS WWW -- Business of Diaspora for Diaspora by Diaspora!

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